Virgo Thing To-Do This Week: Organize Your Closet

Change is in the air and no other season makes that clearer than the start of fall, which although it hasn’t quite made its grand entrance, the sudden chill and colder not-so-hot weather reminds us it’s most definitely near.

Virgo, in particular, is the earth sign with a particular gravitas; ruled by Mercury there’s a particular, almost genius thinking behind how it does what it does. Organized, analytical, tactical—all keywords attributed to this sign.

That’s why this weekend, we’re dedicating it to organizing our closets. Because we often think a bit clearer about what we want vs. need during this season… and our closet space is often a battle of those two ways of us deciding on things. Do you really need that hot-pick mini dress with the blue and green, almost mermaid-looming sequence pattern along the back? Probably not. What about last year’s winter coat? Maybe, if you fix the annoying zipper and what better time to get that done than now, when you don’t quite need to wear it.

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So here are three quick tips to help organize your closet, get your clothes in order and throw out whatever just doesn’t belong there.

First things, first—the space. Think about what’s currently in your closets. Do you store just your clothes and shoes, along with a few random boxes? If you’re fortunate to have ample space and a closet or two, then designate a closet for each box. Your clothes closet, old boxes closet, your shoe closet and even your storage closet. Then, grab a few hangers, sturdy storage boxes and get to work in organizing each with their designated items. If you’re limited in space, think about what function should your closet have, whether it’s just for clothes and shoes, or if you include some boxes, then make sure those are organized by item type and with sturdy boxes (the Container Store has a variety of these). The goal is to make it a space you’re not afraid of opening and can rely on to store your prized possessions.

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Think seasonally and holidays. Your clothes and decorations should all have an organized schedule with how they rotate in your space. Most holidays worthy of decorating are during the colder seasons; store those items with your fall and winter clothes and gear. This will be a high-trafficked space within the colder months and the last thing we need is a bikini, beach umbrella or your summer flip-flops crowding your space.

Self-Reflection is key. Your closets are a reflection of you. What you have in there, how it’s organized and what you dump into it, speaks to how you treat and care for other person, interior space.


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