12 Comedies to Watch Based on Astrology

Research says people laugh—on average—18 times a day. That’s already a lot, but why not give it a boost with these hilarious movies. With everything going on these days with news cycles and life, we sure could all use it.

Aries. In true sports-leader and Aries fashion, Kyrie Irving delivers a hilarious performance as a former basketball legend and Pepsi commercial character Uncle Drew in the movie of the same name.

Taurus. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has an off-way and unexpected way to his funny, and his collection of movies from Central Intelligence to our pick and must-see for this series, Jumanji, where he stars with fellow comedians Kevin Hart and Jack Black.

Gemini. Although it’s not a comedy movie per se, Spiderman is known in the Marvel Universe for his quick jabs and jokes, and Gemini Tom Holland delivers them effortlessly in Spiderman Homecoming and Far From Home and a quick introduction to the character in Captain America Civil War.

Cancer. Speaking of Jumanji, no comedy movies round-up is complete without the star who first launched this movie series, Robin Williams. In true Cancer form, Williams was open and vulnerable in his characters, made you feel comforted with all his roles, but this is especially true for his award-winning performance in Mrs. Doubtfire. Another Williams favorite and memorable character, which although not a comedy is great to check it, is Aladdin, where he brings his unique and sensible warmth to the Genie.

Leo. The world revolves around a Leo comedian and Black-ish star Marsai Martin knows it. The young starlet shines a-la-true Leo in our Little, alongside comedian-powerhouses Regina Hall and Issa Rae.

Virgo. This is the mold-breaker sign and Virgo Queen Taraji P. Henson is no exception. Henson is known for putting in the hard work for each character she portrays, from her award-winning performance as a truth-telling family matriarch in Empire to tough as nails, genius scientist in Hidden Figures. There isn’t a genre or character Henson isn’t apt to play and that includes comedy. This powerhouse was tapped to play the female version in the comedy What Women Want (a remake of the Mel Gibson film, What Men Want), starring fellow comedy-legend Tracy Morgan, Pete Davidson and Erykah Badu.

Libra. Hasan Minhaj has been trailblazing the comedy scene in recent years with his openness and ability to know what’s just right. The a Daily Show favorite, the comedian was recently picked up by Netflix to produce “Patriot Act” for two years. The show was about the political state in the U.S., a theme of justice and balance that’s very much a strong Libra quality. You can find in the The Spy Who Dumped Me starring Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon.

Scorpio. Although she’s leading the talks and discussion on “The View” these days, Whoopi Goldberg is a comedic dynamite, having played legendary roles in Made in America and Sister Act, for which she not only earned a Golden Globe Nomination, but the follow-up Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, went on to make her one of the highest-paid actress at the time in 1993. The movie, which was also adapted as a musical adaptation on Broadway, morphed into a franchise and rumors of a third film has been swirling for years. Sister Act follows Deloris Wilson, a former Catholic student turned performer, who witnessed a crime and is placed in the witness protection with a Catholic Church. She’s disguised as “Sister Mary Clarence.” Hilarity ensues with the depth and seriousness that a Scorpio like Goldberg can deliver.

Sagittarius. The fire-sign Sagittarius powerhouse Regina Hall is one of the most underrated, incredible actress-comedian in this list. We couldn’t pick just one film for her, because her trajectory is just a list of firehouse comedies, from Girls Trip, Little (co-starring Leo-star, also on this list Marsai Martin), Think Like a Man (co-starring comedian legend Kevin Hart) and of course, the parody-classic Scary Movie.

Capricorn. We couldn’t pick one comedian for this sign, and with the “hard-working” and hustling connotations to it, we’re not surprised this sign is packed with great actors and personalities. You have to be beyond focused and talented to make it in this field, and the Capricorns Jim Carrey and Issa Rae, are the epitome of what that means. Carrey having worked his way up from very humbling roots, to the television sitcom Living Color and breaking ground with films like The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura and Man on the Moon, where he plays comedian-legend and also Capricorn, Andy Kaufman. Rae also started humbly creating her own web series, The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, to producing her own popular HBO-series Insecure and now quickly rising the ranks in films.

Aquarius. Although she’s mostly known for the popular, award-winning television sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston has gone on to make a name for herself in the film industry with hits like and cult-classic, Office Space, Horrible Bosses and Bruce Almighty, where she co-stars with Capricorn Jim Carrey. It’s no wonder the two did such a spectacular job on Almighty, the movie is a perfect Aquarius-like piece, shedding light on the concept of God and the Aquarian ability to bring good into the world—and whether our own good is really everyone else’s good, too.

Pisces. The comedian and film we selected for this one, although he has a roster of great movies under his belt, it’s the family-friendly one that’s our ultimate (and millions of kids everywhere) favorite. Pisces actor Josh Gad, has been in greats like The Wedding Ringer, Beauty and the Beast and Pixels, but it’s his adorable and funny contribution to Disney’s Frozen that wins it for us. True to his Pisces nature, this dreamy, often disillusioned, but in a hopeful way character, has such amazing dimension with Gad’s energy.


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