3 Writing Prompts and Affirmation to Tap the Fire of Mars

The planet Mars went direct this past week after months of being retrograde (since early September). Fortunately—and also because—it’s in its ruling sign of Aries, the energy is little more fiery, and what better energy can you ask for when writing?

This will provide with the energy you need, helping ramp up your creative flow and pen.

Here are three writing prompts and an affirmation to help you tap into the ram energy—horns in and all.

  1. Gear that anger. Mars can be resentment, anger and fear—guiding you towards a sense of self-destruction, while when used positively is the drive, zest and enthusiasm that can make all your dreams come true. It’s really up to you.
  2. The warrior and the quest. Write about a warrior, who is on a winning streak and sees no end in sight. What will this warrior conquer next and what will become of him when there is nothing left to conquer? How does this warrior feel without a conquest?
  3. Your fight, your arena. When was the last time you fought for something? Think about that battle, what was the drive behind it and how did it feel when it was all done; whether you won or lost and what did that mean for you.

Affirmation to use this month: I am the zest I need to accomplish my writing goals.


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