3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: Regain Clarity

The days leading to the New Year, and even the weeks since, has been off; there’s been very little about what to do this year and how to push through your goals or ideas. That’s mostly because things remain so uncertain and our lives (for many) still so upended and shaky. We ask ourselves daily: “Will things ever return to normal?”

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We don’t have the answer to that question. Many look to astrology for a lot of these questions—and although we believe there’s so much we could gain from seeing how the energies and planets are playing in the coming months—there’s also so much that we can do personally in the now as well; tapping into a few energies here and there, to create something meaningful in our life.

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This weekend, especially, we’re in for that type of energy preparation boost. The energy that sets you up for something greater.

In the next few days, we’ll experience the annual Sun and Saturn conjunct in the airy, forward-thinking sign of Aquarius. The sun just recently entered the sign early this week, while Saturn has been transiting it since late last year; both bringing out the best in their planetary configurations and sign (new ideas, new structures, sticking to a plan, honing in on a goal).

Here are three ways to tap into this Sun and Saturn magic to gain clarity about the future.

Review All Your Habits—The Good and the Bad. When you don’t attribute good or bad to the things you do, they’re just that—things you do. Of course, there are more negative and positive traits to these, but it depends on the goals you’re trying to build. Are there more habits taking you away from a goal or pushing you toward it? If you’re constantly on social media, then are you following people who are content experts in a topic you’re writing about? Are the television programs and movies you’re binging on documentaries or films about your writing topic? There are habits already in our itinerary that can be rerouted to fit our needs and goals.

Focus On One Goal. The transit will probably give you an idea of one thing you need to focus on. That’s the beauty of the sun—rejiggering our relationship to our ego—to really be attuned with what we want. Saturn will only cement that, allowing you to create a real plan around that dream. Want to write more? Then define what more looks like and how you can add it to what you usually do. It could be that you already write in flurries, so maybe giving yourself a word or time limit within those moments; or maybe it means writing on weekends a minimum or 2000 words. There’s a sense of freedom, yet confinement to this energy. You’re free to do whatever you want to achieve your dreams, but just be sure that there’s a framework for reaching it nonetheless.

Let Go of Fear. Whatever you’ve been fearing, this transit is telling you to let it go. The last time Saturn and the Sun met was in Capricorn early last year and although we were hearing and reading of a destructive virus, but did you ever imagined what transpired after that? This new energy of the Sun and Capricorn is asking that whatever fears you had last year, look at them again and examine what they are, and how exactly did they have a hold on you. It’s time to let go. It’s time to give yourself the opportunity to allow for something new.


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