This February, Learn to Let Go: Things To-Do

We created a small (like the month itself) cheat-sheet to February. There is a lot to celebrate and look forward to, to embrace as well as let go. Are you ready? Pencil these dates down in your calendar. Also, check out an ephemeris (if you got one) to follow along with us.

Venus in Aquarius (Feb. 1) This is one of the few signs that Venus feels comfortable in; it’s somewhat similar to its air ruling sign of Libra. Today, honor the parts of you that are unique, the qualities you feel are unique to you and you appreciate about yourself.

Imbalc (Feb. 3) Winter is officially half-way done. Did the groundhog see his shadow? How are you like a groundhog? What are your thoughts on winter this year? How do you feel about hibernation? Be sure to check out our Imbolc Writing Guide for more.

Balsamic New Moon (Feb. 7) The moon is gearing up for it’s new phase in Aquarius. It’ll be approximately a year since the coronavirus began sweeping across the world; think about how it’s impacted not just your day-to-day but how you think and learn about the world. Travel, and even how countries interact and connect, has changed drastically as a result of the pandemic. Tonight, think and write about what are your biggest, widest wishes for the world. How are you this world’s greatest gift?

New Moon (Feb. 11) New moon in Aquarius with a Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius as well. Mercury is in retrograde in the sign, too. Write out a Mission Statement for yourself, where you define your purpose and values, and who you are as a soul.

Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) Take our Valentine’s Day poll. Let us know how you feel about the holiday of love.

Sun in Pisces (Feb. 18) Welcome to Pisces season, the water sign is ruled by Neptune, and is often the most misconstrued sign. Tap into the beauty and mystery of Pisces with our 4 Ways to Use the Creative Energy of Neptune.

Mercury Direct (Feb. 20) Mercury has been retrograde in Aquarius since January 30. It’ll continue to be in the shadow phase until March 13. Any ideas or writing you’ve launched while this planet is in retrograde, has a more magical tone and heaviness to it; often the retrograde energies dig up aspects of our writings and selves we wouldn’t normally put on to the page. Learn more about retrogrades and shadows in our Tracking the Back and Forth of Retrogrades.

Full Moon (Feb. 27) Revisit your New Moon intentions from a few weeks ago, and think about the way you’re working through them, whether you’re finding challenges or need to be honest with yourself. Pisces prompts you to be real about who you are and just how much are you trying to do. Are you doing too much? Are there some things you can say “No” to and keep it moving?

Venus in Pisces (Feb. 25). This is a good one for Venus, where she feels exalted and more aligned with the deeper parts of her sign (passion, feeling lost in your arts and hobbies). Host a Zoom party with all of your friends, celebrate the ending of another month and beginning of a new Venus season.


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