9 Must-Have Books for Astrologers

If you’re looking to get into astrology, be prepared and open to allow your journey to be unique to you; there are several branches and paths and possibilities for you to explore for many years to come. The key is to follow your intuition, remain true to who you are and what you want to learn, and most importantly, have fun.

Also, check out how other experts and astrologers that have done great things to change the game, such as Steven Forrest, Donna Cunningham, and more. Check out these classics below:

American Ephemeris:

This is a must-have for every astrologer. It’s your guide to planetary placements and movements, besides having to check online. It’s a great way to start understanding the planetary movements, i.e. How long does a planet spend in a specific sign? How fast or slow does a specific planet move? When was the last time this planet was in this specific sign? This will highlight all of this. For more on the ephemeris, check out our highlight on it.

Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

One of my favorite astrologers. This book is assigned to all astrologer-newbies. It’s a great, great primer and breaks down the basics in such a deep, impactful way. Forrest—considered the father of evolutionary astrology—has other great books, including The Changing Sky and The Book of Pluto. I’m currently reading his recent series: The Book of Fire, The Book of Earth, The Book of Water, The Book of Air. If you enjoy reading the Inner Sky, I suggest you read more of his work. I wrote a little bit about how much we love his work for U.K.-based, Giftbee.

The Moon in Your Life by Donna Cunningham

Another of my favorite astrologers. Truly, completely an incredible astrologer. I reached out to her a few times and she was so quick to respond, so humble… it just motivated me to be a better astrologer to pass on that energy and love for the craft. Her other works Flower Remedies Handbook opened me to using things like flower essences in my work. She was a social worker and therapist before becoming a full-time astrologer; she worked a lot with people struggling with addiction. Her The Spiritual Dimensions of Healing Addictions is a masterpiece. She also wrote Astrological Guide to Self-Awarenessand The Consulting Astrologer’s Handbook which are both great for those beginning in the craft. Her website skywriter.wordpress.com is still up and has a lot of great articles for beginners, too.

Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene

Greene’s work is a little dense and challenging, although her Saturn is a must to introduce you to better understand this incredibly important planet. There are very few Saturn books like it. She not only talks about the planet, but also how it connects with the element and houses. Her Relating is also incredible and highlights the elements as well (how fire and earth connect, or fire and water, etc.).

New Moon Astrology Jan Spiller

Spiller is incredible with the “cookbook” kinds of astrology books, that give you different descriptions and ideas of what the many planets and energies are like. Her New Moon is one of my favorites, if you want to learn specific ideas, what kind of things and ideas connect with what sign. Her books are also simple. She also has Astrology for the Soul (about the Nodes) and Cosmic Love (good relationship book).  

The Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas

Sasportas is a master in astrology. This book is also a little more as you get deeper into astrology, although as you start to get familiar, pick this book up. He highlights the “Gods” that are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (the outer planets) and how they impact us; how their energies affect us at a deeper, more subconscious level. Sasportas does a great job of weaving the mythological aspect of these planets and their energies. His Twelve Houses is another must for you to get a better idea of the houses.

Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins and Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady

These are great primers for aspects. There are so many books on aspects out there, but I think the best way to know and understand the aspects of planets is with experience; learning how the different energies of planets work, looking at charts often and daily, if possible. It all seems confusing at first, but trust me, before you know it, the planets and aspects and the energies shared between them will begin speaking to you.

Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chartby Stephen Arroyo

Another book to get as you become more familiar. I would say after you read Forrest. His books, like Greene, are more psychological and look into how astrology connects us to our karma, our ancestral, etc. This one is a deep read and reads kind of like Inner Sky, but with a little more on how learning the birth chart can lead to great, big transformation.


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