What is Scripting?

I’ve been journaling since birth, is what I often say. I have journals from my first year in high school, when I went abroad for a few weeks, my first pregnancy and so on. It’s been a natural part of my writing journey.

But recently, I found scripting; and it’s felt—more empowering. It was like journaling, but taking on a new perspective and angle, and thinking more about the future.

So how have I switched things with scripting?

I got a few scripting journals and have been taking on several project, although not all at once. I’ve been scripting about my family’s summer plans, my writing a book and other goals I see myself doing. The interesting thing is that writing about it, is encouraging me to do the work. I’m not just reflecting on whether or not I did it—as in journaling—but setting the path toward me accomplishing what I want.

“Scripting as a whole, when done properly, is all about taking control of your life and circumstances. Scripting, at its core, is just as much about getting into the ‘feeling and focus place’ of having your wants as it is about taking the reins back from the outside world. Your life is YOUR life, and you are now its sole writer, producer, and director.”

from “Scripting the Life You Want” by Royce Christyn

Christyn, is a former actor and now author, who speaks to this technique from that acting experience; several of the examples he highlights in the book are based on his career in the television industry.

There are a few more books on scripting—I’ve listed a few below—although Christyn’s is the most thorough on the subject. He also shares some other, unique techniques and ideas to help you move beyond just scripting.

But essentially, scripting requires us to mind the details and how we want our lives to be, to remain optimistic and maintain a beautiful outlook. Here are some basic scripting tips to get you started.

1. Write as if the things you want have already occurred. This seems to be the key part of scripting. Create your world through words; describe in detail the things you envision will happen. Tomorrow morning, write out how you intend your day to play out. Do you have an interview scheduled? Write out what you’ll wear for the interview, what questions do you envision being asked and how will you respond each. Scripting experts agree you can try this with any and all events, including dates, doctor’s appointments, meeting with friends; envisioning the best and smoothest outcome, but most importantly, that you leave each experience feeling great and complete.

2. Be creative and intentional. Creativity sparks different parts of our brains, allowing us to be more open and susceptible to good things happening to us. Being intentional is the flip-side of that same manifesting coin. Christyn says that “the word intention has movement and momentum in it.” Adding it to your scripting and vocabulary in general will provide your wishes and goals with the boost it needs.

3. Get real about your beliefs, breaking away from the ones not working for you. Scripting has helped me realize the many, many ridiculous beliefs I have of myself and my work. There are many scripts I still reflect on—some from years ago—that no longer serve me. Like that one time a bully boss said my marketing writing wasn’t good enough; since then I’ve gone on to work for bigger and better companies and projects, leaving a great mark and meeting people who appreciate what I do. That former’s boss words weren’t an indication of my possibilities and how I’ve soared since then.

4. Be consistent. I’m guilty of skipping days on scripting, but have found that when I stick to doing it consistently for several days straight, I feel my best and know I’ve optimized my days. Scripting daily, I know I’ve squeezed the best of each day, doing what I said I would do and getting results.

5. Keep Learning. I’ve only read a few books on scripting, but I’m sure there are people experimenting and doing more with this method. If you know any, or have experimented your own way, please share with us! We would love to hear how you’ve used scripting.


Scripting the Life Your Want by Royce Christyn. Seems to be the ideal book to learn new ways of scripting.

Transformational Writing: How to Manifest Your Desires with Just Pen and Paper by Celandine Sadie. Offers some guidance on Manifestation Scripting and how to write the script for the life you want.

Magic Words and How to Use Them by Genevieve Davis. Davis writes about the importance of stories, the stories we tell ourselves and others about our lives and the power we have in rewriting that storyline.


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