Feeling the Summer Heat, Welcome July: Things To-Do

Need a little astrological boost to kick-off the summer right?

With a few weeks into the summer, already the heat is scorching and forcing us to think fondly of colder days; having us delusional and nostalgic even of winter storms and frosty nights.

And as ridiculous as it sounds when we mention this aloud, it isn’t really when you think about the nature of things. The hot is balanced with cold, the breeze with dryness; just like—for example—Cancer and Leo season are balanced by the energies of Capricorn and Aquarius respectively on the other side of the Zodiac. We can’t understand and truly experience one, without reflecting and also appreciating the other.

Keep that concept in mind this month, as you journal through the days with the following prompts and questions. Also remember that the next time you’re complaining about the weather—just don’t.

Taurus Moon (July 4) This holiday weekend savor the time, whether you’re enjoying with a few loved ones or staying indoors, the key is to slow down and remain conscious of the time and space you’re occupying. How blessed are you to be able to take this time and moments to make that sort of reflection?

New Moon in Cancer (July 9) This is the first new moon in Cancer since last year, when we were full-force into a devastating pandemic; a global experience that forced us to evaluate our values, how we nurture and care for ourselves, as well as our loved ones. Many lost loved ones, while others experienced the loss of identities and jobs, homes and sense of personal space. We were transformed in ways we’re still learning and unraveling. We might still be unwrapping a lot of what we’ve experienced in the years to come. Think about your family and create a physical photo album to honor those closest to you. For each picture, ask the person to write you a warm or funny note, or even a memory you share; if they’re not around, write a memory you shared. Flip through it whenever you’re feeling a little off and in need of some TLC.

Mercury in Cancer (July 11) This past year has been rough on our psyche. Recent research highlights the impact things from recent months have had on our mental health, from pandemic, mass shootings to the economy in shambles. Use this transit to seek professional support, if you need it; to watch and listen, and even read, things that nurture your spirit. The key piece to this energy is to listen and absorb. When was the last time you paused to listen and understand better the messages flowing to you?

Venus Conjunct Mars (July 13) This energy happens in the fire sign of Leo. It sparks the question: why are you depending on others to shower you with love? How are you surrounded by love?

Venus in Virgo (July 21) Organize your wardrobe and clear out any outfits or accessories that no longer speak to you. How are you dressing up for yourself these days? Don’t be afraid to go simpler or for less of what you need. For a fun craft project, draw out outfits for yourself, or purchase several fashion magazine and play collage with the different outfits you find.

Leo Season Kicks-Off (July 22) Leo is about taking centerstage. How are you hiding and buffering down your shine? Write a thank-you letter to your highest-self. Highlight how you envision them to be, what are the things this higher-self does and what are the things that motivate them.

Full Moon in Aquarius (July 23) This full moon think of the ways you’re still stuck. What’s hindering your growth? With the Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Leo and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius in Taurus), the energy could be overwhelming and not allowing us to push forward. Don’t be afraid to take small, baby-like steps, even if you don’t know where they’ll lead you.

Mercury in Leo (July 27) This planet and sign combination is the speaking energy for leaders; ideal to keep your communication direct and to the point, minus the extra wordings or inconclusive ideas. Use this energy to lead your readers to the water, for them to better understand your storyline and what you’re trying to convey.

Jupiter in Aquarius (July 28) This is one of those energy of the times, that’ll be felt for the next few months; the planet will transit out of Aquarius before the end of the year. What are some social ideas that need to revamped, or completely overhauled? What are some habits or routines for you that are overdone and no longer allowing you to reach your full potential? This past year was about adjusting and readjusting our lives and routine in ways that were difficult and uncomfortable; what did you learn from this past year about yourself and how ideally you’re living your life?

Mars in Virgo (July 29) Take a look at the tools you have available to take on your goals and dreams. Write our your plan. Try mind-mapping and plotting the different ways you can achieve your end goal. This warrior energy enjoys being strategic about how it moves, never wasting time or energy. This is the type of energy that has Plan A, Plan B and Plan C—through Plan Z at the ready.


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