Feeling the Summer Heat, Welcome July: Things To-Do

Need a little astrological boost to kick-off the summer right?

With a few weeks into the summer, already the heat is scorching and forcing us to think fondly of colder days; having us delusional and nostalgic even of winter storms and frosty nights.

And as ridiculous as it sounds when we mention this aloud, it isn’t really when you think about the nature of things. The hot is balanced with cold, the breeze with dryness; just like—for example—Cancer and Leo season are balanced by the energies of Capricorn and Aquarius respectively on the other side of the Zodiac. We can’t understand and truly experience one, without reflecting and also appreciating the other.

Keep that concept in mind this month, as you journal through the days with the following prompts and questions. Also remember that the next time you’re complaining about the weather—just don’t.

Taurus Moon (July 4) This holiday weekend savor the time, whether you’re enjoying with a few loved ones or staying indoors, the key is to slow down and remain conscious of the time and space you’re occupying. How blessed are you to be able to take this time and moments to make that sort of reflection?

New Moon in Cancer (July 9) This is the first new moon in Cancer since last year, when we were full-force into a devastating pandemic; a global experience that forced us to evaluate our values, how we nurture and care for ourselves, as well as our loved ones. Many lost loved ones, while others experienced the loss of identities and jobs, homes and sense of personal space. We were transformed in ways we’re still learning and unraveling. We might still be unwrapping a lot of what we’ve experienced in the years to come. Think about your family and create a physical photo album to honor those closest to you. For each picture, ask the person to write you a warm or funny note, or even a memory you share; if they’re not around, write a memory you shared. Flip through it whenever you’re feeling a little off and in need of some TLC.

Mercury in Cancer (July 11) This past year has been rough on our psyche. Recent research highlights the impact things from recent months have had on our mental health, from pandemic, mass shootings to the economy in shambles. Use this transit to seek professional support, if you need it; to watch and listen, and even read, things that nurture your spirit. The key piece to this energy is to listen and absorb. When was the last time you paused to listen and understand better the messages flowing to you?

Venus Conjunct Mars (July 13) This energy happens in the fire sign of Leo. It sparks the question: why are you depending on others to shower you with love? How are you surrounded by love?

Venus in Virgo (July 21) Organize your wardrobe and clear out any outfits or accessories that no longer speak to you. How are you dressing up for yourself these days? Don’t be afraid to go simpler or for less of what you need. For a fun craft project, draw out outfits for yourself, or purchase several fashion magazine and play collage with the different outfits you find.

Leo Season Kicks-Off (July 22) Leo is about taking centerstage. How are you hiding and buffering down your shine? Write a thank-you letter to your highest-self. Highlight how you envision them to be, what are the things this higher-self does and what are the things that motivate them.

Full Moon in Aquarius (July 23) This full moon think of the ways you’re still stuck. What’s hindering your growth? With the Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Leo and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius in Taurus), the energy could be overwhelming and not allowing us to push forward. Don’t be afraid to take small, baby-like steps, even if you don’t know where they’ll lead you.

Mercury in Leo (July 27) This planet and sign combination is the speaking energy for leaders; ideal to keep your communication direct and to the point, minus the extra wordings or inconclusive ideas. Use this energy to lead your readers to the water, for them to better understand your storyline and what you’re trying to convey.

Jupiter in Aquarius (July 28) This is one of those energy of the times, that’ll be felt for the next few months; the planet will transit out of Aquarius before the end of the year. What are some social ideas that need to revamped, or completely overhauled? What are some habits or routines for you that are overdone and no longer allowing you to reach your full potential? This past year was about adjusting and readjusting our lives and routine in ways that were difficult and uncomfortable; what did you learn from this past year about yourself and how ideally you’re living your life?

Mars in Virgo (July 29) Take a look at the tools you have available to take on your goals and dreams. Write our your plan. Try mind-mapping and plotting the different ways you can achieve your end goal. This warrior energy enjoys being strategic about how it moves, never wasting time or energy. This is the type of energy that has Plan A, Plan B and Plan C—through Plan Z at the ready.

3 Ways to Follow Your Curiosity


There’s something about the start of Gemini season. The energy stirs a sense of adventure and exploring for us, whether it’s getting really into creating a summer reading list, going on exciting days trip or even starting a new hobby. It’s the season of ideas and curiosity; a time when thinking and the desire to simply know things is a driving force in our day-to-day.

Think of the general things celebrated around this time—Great Outdoors Month, Gay Pride, Iced Tea Month. All things that invite a sense of excitement and curious exploration.

Curiosity, according to ceramic artist Stanton Hunter, is an innate ability we’re all born with and “serves as our own GPS device.” It’s like paying attention, he goes on to say, and the more you do it the more it’ll reveal for you. But researchers say that at some point, between the ages of 7 and 10, we lose that sense of innocence and start to think we know everything and make assumptions. Sound familiar? Hunter, who writes the piece in response to how curiosity connects artists more to their work, describes this phase perfectly as the age when we get “kicked out of the garden.”

Fortunately for us, there are things we can do to retain a bit of that, and to continue living authentically and curiously, discovering the new in our every day.

  1. Start Anywhere, with anything. Hunter said that just paying attention to the things that catches your attention and following that thread—like a “treasure map” and writing out why it’s interesting. Write your discoveries down, see where it leads your creativity.
  2. Give curiosity room to grow. Researchers say that curiosity happens when there’s a gap in something we think we know; those are the spaces that lead to more questions and a desire to understand a topic more. What is a topic or idea you believe you know extremely well? Or what is something that feels like it creates friction and controversy in your life?
  3. Plan for curiosity. You can go on artists dates or morning pages, as author Julia Cameron describes in The Artist‘s Way, create curiosity boxes with toys and crafts from discount stores, or go on field trips. Ask yourself: “What would 5-year-old me want to do today?” Play old board games, card games and do activities you explored when little; see where it all leads you to indulge your smaller-self.

Try This: Gemini and Mercury are great points to observe in your chart. Where these land in your chart—the house, how it connects to other planets, the sign Mercury is inbegin to ask questions there. Why do you think your Mercury is the sign it is? What houses your Gemini energy and are there any other planets with that Gemini vibe?

What is Scripting?


I’ve been journaling since birth, is what I often say. I have journals from my first year in high school, when I went abroad for a few weeks, my first pregnancy and so on. It’s been a natural part of my writing journey.

But recently, I found scripting; and it’s felt—more empowering. It was like journaling, but taking on a new perspective and angle, and thinking more about the future.

So how have I switched things with scripting?

I got a few scripting journals and have been taking on several project, although not all at once. I’ve been scripting about my family’s summer plans, my writing a book and other goals I see myself doing. The interesting thing is that writing about it, is encouraging me to do the work. I’m not just reflecting on whether or not I did it—as in journaling—but setting the path toward me accomplishing what I want.

“Scripting as a whole, when done properly, is all about taking control of your life and circumstances. Scripting, at its core, is just as much about getting into the ‘feeling and focus place’ of having your wants as it is about taking the reins back from the outside world. Your life is YOUR life, and you are now its sole writer, producer, and director.”

from “Scripting the Life You Want” by Royce Christyn

Christyn, is a former actor and now author, who speaks to this technique from that acting experience; several of the examples he highlights in the book are based on his career in the television industry.

There are a few more books on scripting—I’ve listed a few below—although Christyn’s is the most thorough on the subject. He also shares some other, unique techniques and ideas to help you move beyond just scripting.

But essentially, scripting requires us to mind the details and how we want our lives to be, to remain optimistic and maintain a beautiful outlook. Here are some basic scripting tips to get you started.

1. Write as if the things you want have already occurred. This seems to be the key part of scripting. Create your world through words; describe in detail the things you envision will happen. Tomorrow morning, write out how you intend your day to play out. Do you have an interview scheduled? Write out what you’ll wear for the interview, what questions do you envision being asked and how will you respond each. Scripting experts agree you can try this with any and all events, including dates, doctor’s appointments, meeting with friends; envisioning the best and smoothest outcome, but most importantly, that you leave each experience feeling great and complete.

2. Be creative and intentional. Creativity sparks different parts of our brains, allowing us to be more open and susceptible to good things happening to us. Being intentional is the flip-side of that same manifesting coin. Christyn says that “the word intention has movement and momentum in it.” Adding it to your scripting and vocabulary in general will provide your wishes and goals with the boost it needs.

3. Get real about your beliefs, breaking away from the ones not working for you. Scripting has helped me realize the many, many ridiculous beliefs I have of myself and my work. There are many scripts I still reflect on—some from years ago—that no longer serve me. Like that one time a bully boss said my marketing writing wasn’t good enough; since then I’ve gone on to work for bigger and better companies and projects, leaving a great mark and meeting people who appreciate what I do. That former’s boss words weren’t an indication of my possibilities and how I’ve soared since then.

4. Be consistent. I’m guilty of skipping days on scripting, but have found that when I stick to doing it consistently for several days straight, I feel my best and know I’ve optimized my days. Scripting daily, I know I’ve squeezed the best of each day, doing what I said I would do and getting results.

5. Keep Learning. I’ve only read a few books on scripting, but I’m sure there are people experimenting and doing more with this method. If you know any, or have experimented your own way, please share with us! We would love to hear how you’ve used scripting.


Scripting the Life Your Want by Royce Christyn. Seems to be the ideal book to learn new ways of scripting.

Transformational Writing: How to Manifest Your Desires with Just Pen and Paper by Celandine Sadie. Offers some guidance on Manifestation Scripting and how to write the script for the life you want.

Magic Words and How to Use Them by Genevieve Davis. Davis writes about the importance of stories, the stories we tell ourselves and others about our lives and the power we have in rewriting that storyline.

April in Full Bloom: Things To-Do


The season is blooming, the world is opening up again, and although we still need to be safe and mindful of how we move around, there’s a sense that things are looking up.

People are hopeful and excited about the future; learning new ways to engage and live in the world after a year full of fear and grief. Check out the lists below for more ways to enjoy the transits and energy, making the best of what the world has to offer us.

Mercury in Aries (April 3) Learn to communicate with fire. Work on that book proposal, write a cover letter for your dream job; use your gift of communication to blaze a way for your dreams. Mercury has a zest now, but it’ll zoom through the sign and enter Taurus on April 19 and then wrap up that sign early May, as it enters it’s home sign of Gemini.

New Moon in Aries (April 11) Look back on your lunar and emotional journey since the last full moon on Sunday, March 28. What have you let go—or lost—since then? What people have entered or left your life since then, or what faces come to mind as you think about who’s impacted the way you felt recently? Write about that relationship and how it’s shaped you.

Venus in Taurus (April 14) Venus enters its sensual, ruling sign. Spoil yourself a little in the next couple of days. What does it mean for you to feel satisfied, to be fulfilled and gratified—and when was the last time you experienced life in that way? Try to give yourself that sense; we’re talking feet up, wine poured and chocolate-covered whatever on deck to enjoy.

Sun Sextile Jupiter (April 15) Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Aquarius are forming a quick, easy connection today. We created a heart-led wishing ritual to help you create wishes. The heart, strongly linked to Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, is the often forgotten organ when it comes to how we guide ourselves in the world. When was the last time you really listened to your heart beating, and asked questions to monitor what it has to say? This printable will help you do just that.

Sun Conjunct Mercury (April 18) The energy is pretty strong for these two planets, as they not only dance together, but also both brace themselves to enter the sign of Taurus the following day. The last few degrees of a sign for a planet are pretty potent, and when it comes to the natal chart, it traditionally signified the ending of a mission for that planet in that particular sign. The planets are settling into their routines after being away in a battle of sorts. Create a comfortable, cozy spot somewhere in your home—decorate, clean and arrange the area to be your Zen spot.

Sun in Taurus (April 19) The Sun is in getting into a groove with spring. The days are getting warmer and the season is starting to bloom. We created a checklist a few years ago for Taurus season that’ll help you make the best of the next few weeks.

Mars in Cancer (April 23) Home and family have been themes for most of us this past year, and with Mars entering Cancer, we’re being asked to revisit that experience again. How did you work to make your home feel like a haven this past year? Think of the ways you interacted and protected your space last year vs. this year. What are the ways you’re being proactive and engaged in your day-to-day life? The next few days, schedule your doctor’s appointments, create a will and take the step necessary to review what you’re leaving behind for loved one to handle in the future.

Full Moon in Scorpio (April 26) How are you moving away from the need to fight your way into existing, in making your presence felt? Because you are already here, important and crucial to this universe and space… but do you believe that? Think of your needs, how you express them and why they’re important. List and write down the ways you don’t want to settle, and how you accepting that will free you, will satisfy and nurture you in ways you never knew possible.

Pluto Retrogrades in Capricorn (April 27) The heart-carved planet of Pluto will be retrograde in Capricorn until Oct. 6, although the shadow phase began in mid-January, around the time the U.S. welcomed a new presidency. This energy is felt mostly on a communal level (unless it’s triggering a personal planet in your chart) and what we’ll see in the coming months will be changes on a global scale. The shadow phase kicked off around the time the Capitol was invaded in the U.S., the retrograde begins just as a pivotal trial takes place in the country; it’ll be interesting to see where the country is later in the year, just as the planet goes direct again.

Bonus Printable: We’re trying to work a little more with squares as transits and how they impact our charts. What does it mean to have planets in squares in our birth charts? Square transits challenge us to better understand different energies and elements, so that we’re able to face those events and people that seem to come from out of nowhere. Find them in your chart, fill out the printable and share with us the ways these placements have shaped you.

9 Must-Have Books for Astrologers


If you’re looking to get into astrology, be prepared and open to allow your journey to be unique to you; there are several branches and paths and possibilities for you to explore for many years to come. The key is to follow your intuition, remain true to who you are and what you want to learn, and most importantly, have fun.

Also, check out how other experts and astrologers that have done great things to change the game, such as Steven Forrest, Donna Cunningham, and more. Check out these classics below:

American Ephemeris:

This is a must-have for every astrologer. It’s your guide to planetary placements and movements, besides having to check online. It’s a great way to start understanding the planetary movements, i.e. How long does a planet spend in a specific sign? How fast or slow does a specific planet move? When was the last time this planet was in this specific sign? This will highlight all of this. For more on the ephemeris, check out our highlight on it.

Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

One of my favorite astrologers. This book is assigned to all astrologer-newbies. It’s a great, great primer and breaks down the basics in such a deep, impactful way. Forrest—considered the father of evolutionary astrology—has other great books, including The Changing Sky and The Book of Pluto. I’m currently reading his recent series: The Book of Fire, The Book of Earth, The Book of Water, The Book of Air. If you enjoy reading the Inner Sky, I suggest you read more of his work. I wrote a little bit about how much we love his work for U.K.-based, Giftbee.

The Moon in Your Life by Donna Cunningham

Another of my favorite astrologers. Truly, completely an incredible astrologer. I reached out to her a few times and she was so quick to respond, so humble… it just motivated me to be a better astrologer to pass on that energy and love for the craft. Her other works Flower Remedies Handbook opened me to using things like flower essences in my work. She was a social worker and therapist before becoming a full-time astrologer; she worked a lot with people struggling with addiction. Her The Spiritual Dimensions of Healing Addictions is a masterpiece. She also wrote Astrological Guide to Self-Awarenessand The Consulting Astrologer’s Handbook which are both great for those beginning in the craft. Her website skywriter.wordpress.com is still up and has a lot of great articles for beginners, too.

Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene

Greene’s work is a little dense and challenging, although her Saturn is a must to introduce you to better understand this incredibly important planet. There are very few Saturn books like it. She not only talks about the planet, but also how it connects with the element and houses. Her Relating is also incredible and highlights the elements as well (how fire and earth connect, or fire and water, etc.).

New Moon Astrology Jan Spiller

Spiller is incredible with the “cookbook” kinds of astrology books, that give you different descriptions and ideas of what the many planets and energies are like. Her New Moon is one of my favorites, if you want to learn specific ideas, what kind of things and ideas connect with what sign. Her books are also simple. She also has Astrology for the Soul (about the Nodes) and Cosmic Love (good relationship book).  

The Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas

Sasportas is a master in astrology. This book is also a little more as you get deeper into astrology, although as you start to get familiar, pick this book up. He highlights the “Gods” that are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (the outer planets) and how they impact us; how their energies affect us at a deeper, more subconscious level. Sasportas does a great job of weaving the mythological aspect of these planets and their energies. His Twelve Houses is another must for you to get a better idea of the houses.

Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins and Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady

These are great primers for aspects. There are so many books on aspects out there, but I think the best way to know and understand the aspects of planets is with experience; learning how the different energies of planets work, looking at charts often and daily, if possible. It all seems confusing at first, but trust me, before you know it, the planets and aspects and the energies shared between them will begin speaking to you.

Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chartby Stephen Arroyo

Another book to get as you become more familiar. I would say after you read Forrest. His books, like Greene, are more psychological and look into how astrology connects us to our karma, our ancestral, etc. This one is a deep read and reads kind of like Inner Sky, but with a little more on how learning the birth chart can lead to great, big transformation.