About Here

The Writing Orbit is where writing worlds and creativity collide. We tap into the power of astrology to boost our writing and creativity energies, parenting and lifestyle in general.

We’re PR-friendly and can provide your brand with a media kit, should you want to collaborate on posts about:

Astrology and Parenting

Things to Do with Signs

The Signs and Times and Kids

Monthly Horoscopes for Creatives

Creating Astrology Writing Programs

If all you want is a reading or consultation with Carolina, please email info@thewritingorbit.com.

Carolina has been learning and doing astrology for well over a decade, learning from great astrology mentors and teachers, as well as through the charts and experiences of loved ones and friends. When she’s not busy reading charts, you can find her enjoying life with her two kids, husband or friends, freelance reporting, podcasting or typing away in the nearest cafe. She’s a past-journalist, editor and producer, now early childhood literacy program manager. Her work has appeared in DNAinfo New York, NY1 Noticias, Advertising Age, Working Mother and Parent Magazine.

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