Creating Boundaries That Work

A few years ago, I made a rule for myself: schedule only one event per day. This was after realizing I had booked two events in between a big event for my oldest daughter. She was excited about spending the day with me and I had ruined it by rushing her from event-to-event-to event. I … Continue reading Creating Boundaries That Work

10 Days to a Little More Love

We're a day away from the one, single day dedicated to love. Although other holidays have love as a foundation for it, it isn't quite as explicit or as challenging (for many), as Valentine's Day. But love shouldn't be a one-day, between two people experience, but an energy expressed daily, always and many ways. And … Continue reading 10 Days to a Little More Love

6 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep

Is sleeping better one of your New Year's resolutions, or just something you wished you were better at doing? Well, you're not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately a quarter of the adult population suffers from a sleeping problems, while an estimated 6% to 10% have an insomnia disorder. A lack of sleep, … Continue reading 6 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep

3 Simple Ways to Welcome a Full Moon

The full moon is a pivotal point in the lunar cycle, mostly because of the power that comes from oppositions. Oppositions, when you think of how the energy is meant to function, is meant to dig out the worst and best forces of that sign and planet. This Cancer and Capricorn full moon has a … Continue reading 3 Simple Ways to Welcome a Full Moon

Meditation Wednesday: Building Our Fire

Although Scorpio is still underway, the deep currents of its waters just making headway, I can't help but anticipate the fire that's to come: Sagittarius. Fire rages, fire destroys, fire threatens. The menacing description of this element is often so deceiving, especially since for everything it destroys on its path, it gives life to a … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Building Our Fire

7 Ways to Soak in the Last, Few Summer Days

The days have a tint of cold to them. The coldness comes in waves, depending where you are around the country. Although fall is right around the corner, and already restaurants are touting their pumpkin menus, it's important to bid farewell to the summer season in the best way. You can make this a routine … Continue reading 7 Ways to Soak in the Last, Few Summer Days