Going Deep with Mercury Retrograde and #NaNoWriMo

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines deep as: "extending far from some surface or area, such as: a. extending far downward a deep well a deep chasm. b. extending well inward from an outer surface a deep gash a deep-chested animal." Keep your idea of surface—a surface—in mind, whatever that is for you, as we continue. Mercury will be … Continue reading Going Deep with Mercury Retrograde and #NaNoWriMo

Power Writing Prompts with Pluto

You haven’t written in several days, maybe weeks, or you’re stuck writing a scene that isn’t quite coming out how you’d like. We’ve all had those blocked moments, so we try everything other well-established and published authors suggest we do, whether it’s taking break from a project and trying some self-care or reading for inspiration, … Continue reading Power Writing Prompts with Pluto

Meditation Wednesday: Embrace the Air

Meditation Wednesday is a monthly series, where we'll write a meditation piece for you to practice on your own. It will focus on writing, creating and imagining whatever theme we're tackling for the month.  Although the days are getting shorter and darkness feels a bit more a part of the norm (because hey fall), the … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Embrace the Air

Plotting with the Balsamic Moon

On any given three days or so before a new moon, you'll find me plotting away with the dark moon. Whether it's revisiting my vision board or creating a new one, to even simply discussing my deepest wishes with my close, loved ones, the goal is always the same—to absorb the dark phase of the … Continue reading Plotting with the Balsamic Moon

3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Working It Out

If you're feeling blocked this week, then don't fret—because it's more than likely the new moon pushing out all its got in Virgo. You see, Virgo is indeed hardworking, but it's also very particular and precise and the details are all very important. This is all great and good, except it could lead to the … Continue reading 3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Working It Out

Practicing the Art of Saying ‘No’

Although it's not technically a thing, I'm going to go ahead and dub this Virgo week. With Mars, Venus and the Sun heading into the earthy sign, it's only right to learn more about what it means to be this sign. Mercury will be joining them next week. When I think of Virgo, I think … Continue reading Practicing the Art of Saying ‘No’

Meditation Wednesday: Getting Grounded

It sometimes feels like things are just getting started, right? But really, spring has come and gone and now summer, the long days and our many resolutions feel so far away and distant from the reality of our days. But look at you, you're making it. You're doing it, even though there are still some … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Getting Grounded