Events and Programs

Below are a list of ongoing online packages and projects The Writing Orbit offers. This is for writers looking to do a little more with their writing, whether writing a memoir or fiction or the next bestselling novel.


New Events

Please check back for upcoming events.


Fall 2019 Projects 

We’ll be creating several online workshops and courses on writing, astrology and parenting.

The first to come is Parenting With the Moon, where we’ll be sharing and talking of different ways to use the moon and lunar cycle to help us connect with our children. I’ll share tips and ideas I’ve developed and learned with my teen and preschooler. If you’re interested in joining us and be informed of when this workshop launches, please email

We’ll also be doing a It’s a Calling vocational workshop specific to your chart. What is your calling according to your chart and how can you integrate that energy into what you’re doing now? We’ll tailor your resume and cover letter to best suit your searching goals and perimeters. We’ll create plans to help you lead a fulfilling life and career. Please email, if you’re interesting in signing up for this program.


Ongoing Programs

Grateful Moon Living Online Workshop. Participants and writers will be writing and working through one moon cycle with prompts, activity sheets and other freebies to cement and bring to life their grateful habit.

Lunar Return Exploring. Writers and participants will use their lunar return to explore and deepen their emotional development. Emotions play a large, often vital role in writing, and the goal is to use that energy to create writings and other projects aligned with that aspect of ourselves. This is a one-on-one session.

Write Out Your Solar Return. Birthdays aren’t meant just to celebrate, but also plot out what we want to accomplish and do in the coming year. This workshop will breakdown your solar return, what it means for you as a reflection of your past and future goals, and how you can best prepare for the year. This is a one-on-one program (specific to your solar return). We’ll meet monthly to go over your progress and how your return is developing.

The Mercury Retrograde Writing Trip. Prepare for the next Mercury retrograde with insight into how it’s going to impact and influence your thinking and writing life.

The Saturn Writing Discipline. Saturn is key to understanding how well we’re able to make or break our goals and work. We’ll explore how Saturn has flexed his muscles on your chart in the past and how you can best take advantage of that flexing power in the future. This is a one-on-one session.

Please email for more information, fees, schedules or to sign-up.