Writing Guide for Imbalc

It's astrologically the middle of winter, despite news of warm temperatures in Antarctica and not a snowstorm in sight near the northeaster coast of the country (speaking on behalf of New York City). This mid-season energy, or Imbalc as some spiritualist call it, means taking advantage of rumbling of nature, explore more of life outdoors … Continue reading Writing Guide for Imbalc

10 Days to a Little More Love

We're a day away from the one, single day dedicated to love. Although other holidays have love as a foundation for it, it isn't quite as explicit or as challenging (for many), as Valentine's Day. But love shouldn't be a one-day, between two people experience, but an energy expressed daily, always and many ways. And … Continue reading 10 Days to a Little More Love

Here’s How to Celebrate National Thesaurus Day

If there's one tool that's necessary, crucial and even immensely important for the typical writer, it's the thesaurus. (Yes, I used this exact book to come up with different words to describe important.) The creation of the thesaurus, which was devised by Peter Mark Roget, was rather unexpectedly expected. According to the New York Times, … Continue reading Here’s How to Celebrate National Thesaurus Day

6 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep

Is sleeping better one of your New Year's resolutions, or just something you wished you were better at doing? Well, you're not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately a quarter of the adult population suffers from a sleeping problems, while an estimated 6% to 10% have an insomnia disorder. A lack of sleep, … Continue reading 6 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep