3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: Sun in Libra

Libra season is upon us, and although for your writing is doesn’t necessarily mean much, you can still add a little bit of its magic to your writing routine.

What Is This Site – Exactly?

If I could describe it all with one sentence or two or three, I would... but what I'm trying to create here is just a lot. It's a culmination of a few things I love: my kids, family, writing, my writing career, life and of course, astrology (yes, that's a big piece). I started on … Continue reading What Is This Site – Exactly?

Meditation Wednesday: Working Smarter

Meditation Wednesday is a new, monthly series, where we'll write a meditation piece for you to practice on your own. It will focus on writing, creating and imagining whatever theme we're tackling for the month.  This month, because the sun is in Virgo and Mercury just joined him in that sign, we're going to focus … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Working Smarter

3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: Labor Day Edition

For many, Labor Day is just another holiday created to cap off the warm weather and long, lazy days... but really, at the root of this long weekend, is something totally opposite that. Labor Day is about hard work, grindin' and trailblazing our way to the top of whatever it is we've got on bucket … Continue reading 3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: Labor Day Edition

To The #FullMoon and Back Writing Prompts

There's a somewhat potent quality to Sunday's Virgo/Pisces full moon. It's in the early degrees of both signs, so the sun and moon are just submerging themselves into the qualities of those signs. Full Moon Time: Aug. 26, 2018 at 7:56 a.m. EDT That said, it should be a few good days to experiment with … Continue reading To The #FullMoon and Back Writing Prompts

Using Mercury Retrograde to Write

If you haven't been writing much these past few weeks, don't fret – as the Mercury Retrograde is vibing along with you. That said, you should still be getting some kind of writing or communication-like work going. For me, I'm keeping a list of all the people I'm reaching out to for freelancing gigs, freelancing … Continue reading Using Mercury Retrograde to Write

3 Tips to Take Your Writing Back to When You Started

I’m often thinking of ways to recapture the love I had for writing growing up. You remember that time, when you would just write and write and make-up so many stories, the fluidity of it was just pure magic. I would come up with a storyline in my head and a few days later had … Continue reading 3 Tips to Take Your Writing Back to When You Started