5 Writing Activities to Help Ease Your Writer’s Anxiety

It's probably a little tougher these days to get some writing done; but difficult doesn't necessary mean impossible. Stay the course to your mission and passion—plus do these fun writing activities—and you'll be writing beautiful prose in no time. Rewrite a favorite piece of writing. This is a go-to for me as a writer, because it … Continue reading 5 Writing Activities to Help Ease Your Writer’s Anxiety

6 Ways to Find Magic and Miracles in the World

It's currently 5:36 a.m. I've already been up—walking around, pacing and thinking—for a little over an hour. I created this daily alarm to get up at 5:30 to think and "work on my dreams." That's how it's described in my calendar. This is the time when it's quiet, my family is still very much asleep … Continue reading 6 Ways to Find Magic and Miracles in the World

Creating Boundaries That Work

A few years ago, I made a rule for myself: schedule only one event per day. This was after realizing I had booked two events in between a big event for my oldest daughter. She was excited about spending the day with me and I had ruined it by rushing her from event-to-event-to event. I … Continue reading Creating Boundaries That Work

Writing Guide for Imbolc

It's astrologically the middle of winter, despite news of warm temperatures in Antarctica and not a snowstorm in sight near the northeaster coast of the country (speaking on behalf of New York City). This mid-season energy, or Imbolc as some spiritualist call it, means taking advantage of rumbling of nature, explore more of life outdoors … Continue reading Writing Guide for Imbolc

10 Days to a Little More Love

We're a day away from the one, single day dedicated to love. Although other holidays have love as a foundation for it, it isn't quite as explicit or as challenging (for many), as Valentine's Day. But love shouldn't be a one-day, between two people experience, but an energy expressed daily, always and many ways. And … Continue reading 10 Days to a Little More Love