April in Full Bloom: Things To-Do

The season is blooming, the world is opening up again, and although we still need to be safe and mindful of how we move around, there's a sense that things are looking up. People are hopeful and excited about the future; learning new ways to engage and live in the world after a year full … Continue reading April in Full Bloom: Things To-Do


Manifesting Courage in Aries—Maya Angelou

We understand courage for what it is defined to be—strength in the face of pain, fear or grief. It's supposed to be that force (for lack of a better word) that often springs up when we need it, although there are those times when it does not. It's a rather fluid word, really, because what … Continue reading Manifesting Courage in Aries—Maya Angelou

3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Spring Cleaning

New season, new plans—and somewhat new, clean spaces (or at least ones that feel like it), too. There is something about spring, the fire it brings with Aries, that makes most people want to just blaze a new trail for themselves. It's that fire energy — the warrior, trailblazer, leader — that's just ready to … Continue reading 3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Spring Cleaning

Self-Learning Path: Manifesting Courage

Join us as we explore new themes and topics thoroughly each month, with a syllabus, interviews and everything that makes the traditional way of learning – but with a fun twist (we promise). Social discussions will be under the #woselflearner, with the goal of getting everyone to read, participate and learn from each other, too. … Continue reading Self-Learning Path: Manifesting Courage

A Simple Writing Guide to Your Ruling Planet

The ruling planets for each sign often provide so much insight into how these signs could best behave to bring out the best of themselves. After all, there's a reason why they're the ruling planet, or the big rock in the skies that best describes and supports these signs. With astrology, the goal is to … Continue reading A Simple Writing Guide to Your Ruling Planet