3 Ways to Follow Your Curiosity

There’s something about the start of Gemini season. The energy stirs a sense of adventure and exploring for us, whether it's getting really into creating a summer reading list, going on exciting days trip or even starting a new hobby. It’s the season of ideas and curiosity; a time when thinking and the desire to … Continue reading 3 Ways to Follow Your Curiosity


9 Must-Have Books for Astrologers

If you're looking to get into astrology, be prepared and open to allow your journey to be unique to you; there are several branches and paths and possibilities for you to explore for many years to come. The key is to follow your intuition, remain true to who you are and what you want to … Continue reading 9 Must-Have Books for Astrologers

This February, Learn to Let Go: Things To-Do

We created a small (like the month itself) cheat-sheet to February. There is a lot to celebrate and look forward to, to embrace as well as let go. Are you ready? Pencil these dates down in your calendar. Also, check out an ephemeris (if you got one) to follow along with us. Venus in Aquarius … Continue reading This February, Learn to Let Go: Things To-Do

What’s An Ephemeris?

From figuring when Saturn was last in Capricorn or when is the next eclipse taking place, the ephemeris is the quickest and most efficient way to get answers to your pressing planetary transit questions.

3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: Regain Clarity

The days leading to the New Year, and even the weeks since, has been off; there’s been very little about what to do this year and how to push through your goals or ideas. That’s mostly because things remain so uncertain and our lives (for many) still so upended and shaky. We ask ourselves daily: … Continue reading 3 Writerly Things To Do This Weekend: Regain Clarity