The Road to Spirit: Q&A with Crown Emerald, Tarot Reader

She's the embodiment of stepping into your truth, a spiritualist intent on walking her path. In less than two years since launching her shop and readings, Jai, the magic behind the brand, Crown Emerald, has garnered a strong following and recently launched the Modern Bruja podcast. A powerhouse spiritualist, indeed. ...and the first interview in … Continue reading The Road to Spirit: Q&A with Crown Emerald, Tarot Reader

4 Ways to Use the Creative Energy of Neptune

Most astrologers would agree that describing Neptune is often as foggy, confusing and elusive as the gassy planet itself. The late astrologer, Donna Cunningham, in her book Astrology and Spiritual Development, said that when it came to this planet's energy "it is hard to tell when you're on the positive end of the spectrum and when … Continue reading 4 Ways to Use the Creative Energy of Neptune

Practicing the Art of Saying ‘No’

Although it's not technically a thing, I'm going to go ahead and dub this Virgo week. With Mars, Venus and the Sun heading into the earthy sign, it's only right to learn more about what it means to be this sign. Mercury will be joining them next week. When I think of Virgo, I think … Continue reading Practicing the Art of Saying ‘No’

Self-Learning Path: Manifesting Courage

Join us as we explore new themes and topics thoroughly each month, with a syllabus, interviews and everything that makes the traditional way of learning – but with a fun twist (we promise). Social discussions will be under the #woselflearner, with the goal of getting everyone to read, participate and learn from each other, too. … Continue reading Self-Learning Path: Manifesting Courage

Tips to Meditate Better

Here at Orbit, we've been writing our monthly meditations for several months now, hoping you're repeating and often carrying these words with you whenever you need. Our meditations are designed with the month's astrological aspects in mind, to make you better writers and thinkers and humans, of course. What we failed to realize, however, is … Continue reading Tips to Meditate Better