Leading a Private Life With a Social Flair

Living a social life, while still trying to maintain the private and personal, is a very tricky balance. Especially when you have kids. So how can you balance the two (or three, if you count your career) without damping your style or stepping on tiny toes?    I'm not going to lie. I go back-and-forth … Continue reading Leading a Private Life With a Social Flair

Hospital Conversation

Thank you to my good friend, Tracy, for sharing this beautiful story of her aunt, Cindy. Tracy sometimes blogs over at LifeofACr8zyMom. I just calmed myself from having a panic attack again. For some reason, I feel the walls are closing in on me and the twenty pound weights on my shoulders are making it … Continue reading Hospital Conversation

Sharing Our Stories

Our lives are weaved through stories—our parents' stories, siblings, children, lovers, and neighbors. Yes, even our significant other's grandmother (like this one). Grab those narratives, feel them, make them your own and then pass them along. "No!" she yelled, reaching out for the small cup of water I brought up to my mouth. "You can't … Continue reading Sharing Our Stories

Painting – A #Writing Prompt

"The universe is what you illustrate it to be." —Rory (365 Days of Wonder, Mr. Browne's Book of Precepts by R.J. Palacio) Painting by my brother, Jowen Pichardo  

The 2-Day No Spending Challenge

If you're anything like me, splurging on Starbucks, a huge breakfast and terrific lunch are the ultimate treats—and of course, deserve them everyday. That means everyday you're spending over $20 on food alone. Add in the cab ride, plus whatever you order online during your lunch break, and we're talking approximately $100. In less than … Continue reading The 2-Day No Spending Challenge