Best Halloween Costumes to Bring Out Your Opposite Traits

When it comes to Halloween, we usually stick to costumes and decorations we want to harness and embody, even if for one day. But what if we did the opposite and instead tried recreating characters we wouldn't normally, if ever consider rocking? Astrology brings us the gift of challenges, whether we want them or not, … Continue reading Best Halloween Costumes to Bring Out Your Opposite Traits


Between Worlds on Halloween

I tend to get nostalgic around this time of the year. While everyone is celebrating, buying and eating candy, or coming up with great costume ideas and events, I'm simply waiting. They say Halloween is the time of year when the dead is allowed to roam until winter sets in, visiting loved ones. It's considered … Continue reading Between Worlds on Halloween

Knock On Wood

"Knocking on wood may not be magical, but superstition proved helpful in understanding why the ritual was effective. Across cultures, superstitions intended to reverse bad luck, like throwing salt or spitting, often share a common ingredient. In one way or another, they involve an avoidant action, one that exerts force away from oneself, as if … Continue reading Knock On Wood

Wedding Day Superstition

"...and superstition adds that whoever falls asleep first on this night will be the first to die." — "A Dictionary of Omens and Superstitions" by Philippa Waring