6 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep

It sleeping better one of your New Year's resolutions, or just something you wished you were better at doing? Well, you're not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately a quarter of the adult population suffers from a sleeping problems, while an estimated 6% to 10% have an insomnia disorder. A lack of sleep, … Continue reading 6 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep

Meditation Wednesday: Building Our Fire

Although Scorpio is still underway, the deep currents of its waters just making headway, I can't help but anticipate the fire that's to come: Sagittarius. Fire rages, fire destroys, fire threatens. The menacing description of this element is often so deceiving, especially since for everything it destroys on its path, it gives life to a … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Building Our Fire

6 Ways to Know If You’re On Track

The year is half-way done, Mercury is about to go direct, a new moon is on the horizon and two eclipses have wrapped up. Sounds about a good time to do a check-in, don't you think? READ MORE: This week's worksheet is to write a letter to yourself highlighting all your greatness. There are quick, … Continue reading 6 Ways to Know If You’re On Track

Celebrate National Picnic Month—with a Picnic!

We couldn't let National Picnic Month pass without creating a post about it, especially since picnics make for excellent writing spaces. Also, Mercury (in retrograde) and Venus are forming a peaceful conjunct in Cancer this week, making for a great time to bring people together and enjoy the beauty the world has to share. Just … Continue reading Celebrate National Picnic Month—with a Picnic!

3 Note-Taking Tips to Get the Most Out of What You Read

Reading is an important part of writing. The lesson often shared is "you read to become a writer" and that the two must coexist. Problem is, if like me, you only read and often read to absorb as much as possible, just in case... oh, I don’t know, the idea for another character comes along, … Continue reading 3 Note-Taking Tips to Get the Most Out of What You Read

Manifesting Courage in Aries—Maya Angelou

We understand courage for what it is defined to be—strength in the face of pain, fear or grief. It's supposed to be that force (for lack of a better word) that often springs up when we need it, although there are those times when it does not. It's a rather fluid word, really, because what … Continue reading Manifesting Courage in Aries—Maya Angelou

Tips to Meditate Better

Here at Orbit, we've been writing our monthly meditations for several months now, hoping you're repeating and often carrying these words with you whenever you need. Our meditations are designed with the month's astrological aspects in mind, to make you better writers and thinkers and humans, of course. What we failed to realize, however, is … Continue reading Tips to Meditate Better