3 Simple Ways to Welcome a Full Moon

The full moon is a pivotal point in the lunar cycle, mostly because of the power that comes from oppositions. Oppositions, when you think of how the energy is meant to function, is meant to dig out the worst and best forces of that sign and planet. This Cancer and Capricorn full moon has a … Continue reading 3 Simple Ways to Welcome a Full Moon

How to Create a Thanksgiving Ritual

Light a candle, with a pen and paper (even better if it's our printable this week) and focus just on what you're doing. This isn't a simple, surfaced being grateful process, but a soul-searching craft about really understanding what it means to be appreciate of life. There are a lot of blessings in your lot. … Continue reading How to Create a Thanksgiving Ritual

Meditation Wednesday: Building Our Fire

Although Scorpio is still underway, the deep currents of its waters just making headway, I can't help but anticipate the fire that's to come: Sagittarius. Fire rages, fire destroys, fire threatens. The menacing description of this element is often so deceiving, especially since for everything it destroys on its path, it gives life to a … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Building Our Fire

Meditation Wednesday: Embrace the Air

Meditation Wednesday is a monthly series, where we'll write a meditation piece for you to practice on your own. It will focus on writing, creating and imagining whatever theme we're tackling for the month.  Although the days are getting shorter and darkness feels a bit more a part of the norm (because hey fall), the … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Embrace the Air

Meditation Wednesday: Getting Grounded

It sometimes feels like things are just getting started, right? But really, spring has come and gone and now summer, the long days and our many resolutions feel so far away and distant from the reality of our days. But look at you, you're making it. You're doing it, even though there are still some … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Getting Grounded

Tips to Meditate Better

Here at Orbit, we've been writing our monthly meditations for several months now, hoping you're repeating and often carrying these words with you whenever you need. Our meditations are designed with the month's astrological aspects in mind, to make you better writers and thinkers and humans, of course. What we failed to realize, however, is … Continue reading Tips to Meditate Better

Meditation Wednesday: Seeking Clarity

Spring cleaning our thoughts, like life around us, should always be a thing this time of the year. Our thinking collects little tidbits of information, clapback, new ideas and concepts that we think we need along the way. Just think of how much information we consume daily via memes, email, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Seeking Clarity