4 Ways to Use the Creative Energy of Neptune

Most astrologers would agree that describing Neptune is often as foggy, confusing and elusive as the gassy planet itself. The late astrologer, Donna Cunningham, in her book Astrology and Spiritual Development, said that when it came to this planet's energy "it is hard to tell when you're on the positive end of the spectrum and when … Continue reading 4 Ways to Use the Creative Energy of Neptune

Meditation Wednesday: Getting Grounded

It sometimes feels like things are just getting started, right? But really, spring has come and gone and now summer, the long days and our many resolutions feel so far away and distant from the reality of our days. But look at you, you're making it. You're doing it, even though there are still some … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Getting Grounded

#WritingPrompt: If Elevators Could Talk

Our apartment building has a extremely, painfully slow elevator. So slow, in fact, that people often walk down the stairs versus waiting for it to come up. You'll do several round trips to the seventh-floor before it makes it's way up. So, so slow that almost everyone rushes to close the doors (once inside) to … Continue reading #WritingPrompt: If Elevators Could Talk

When Writing, Don’t Forget the Music

"She plugged the alarm-clock radio, that once belonged to her husband, into an old outlet inside her mom's old kitchen and merged the memories to an old Juan Luis Guerra tune. Who would've thought; it was the perfect melody." I've been thinking about this character for a long time, but very few things made her real to me, until I … Continue reading When Writing, Don’t Forget the Music