6 Ways to Know If You’re On Track

The year is half-way done, Mercury is about to go direct, a new moon is on the horizon and two eclipses have wrapped up. Sounds about a good time to do a check-in, don't you think? READ MORE: This week's worksheet is to write a letter to yourself highlighting all your greatness. There are quick, … Continue reading 6 Ways to Know If You’re On Track

Putting Away the Old Dreams

I've been in super spring cleaning mode. For a few months now. Yes, I know. No one's been as desperate for the new season to arrive than me. I want to enjoy the now moment. I want to savor the last few weeks of winter. I want to do all of that. But that want isn't bigger … Continue reading Putting Away the Old Dreams

Launch of #MyGoals

So I started this new thing, where each #NewMoon will be a starting point for me. I'll list three things to tackle and conquer, and document how I achieve and manifest those goals. I'll tag the images and stories with #MyGoals and #MonthYear. I've been doing this for many years, but this is the first … Continue reading Launch of #MyGoals