When Too Much Planning Is Just Too Much

"This time, it'll be it. Just one more. I just need enough of these to know I'll have enough to write down all my ideas." This was the thought going through my head as I approached the register at Staples, holding on tightly to two writing tablets. Debating whether to return then and find a … Continue reading When Too Much Planning Is Just Too Much


New Moon Writing Plan in Leo

I often use the phases of the moon (and the seasons) for many things when it comes to planning – searching for a new job, cleaning our apartment, bonding with my mom, etc. It's a trick I learned to do many moons ago, when I first started learning astrology. I realized that if working with … Continue reading New Moon Writing Plan in Leo

3 Things I Do Daily To Keep My Writing Life Sane

I write – a lot. I write for work as a reporter, as well as personally. Yes, that includes fiction, journals, permission slips, love notes for my kids and husband, memos and blogs (what you're reading now – ta-da!). Writing, if we're going to get technical, makes up 60 percent of my life. The other … Continue reading 3 Things I Do Daily To Keep My Writing Life Sane

The 2-Day No Spending Challenge

If you're anything like me, splurging on Starbucks, a huge breakfast and terrific lunch are the ultimate treats—and of course, deserve them everyday. That means everyday you're spending over $20 on food alone. Add in the cab ride, plus whatever you order online during your lunch break, and we're talking approximately $100. In less than … Continue reading The 2-Day No Spending Challenge