Guest Post: Harnessing My Courage

By: Janelle Joa, founder of Between Moments I’ve dealt with anxiety on some level, daily—as a wife to a strong, ambitious, successful husband and as a mother of 4 enthusiastic, persistent children. Not a day passes where my insecurities haven’t tried to overcome me.   For years, I felt inadequate as a mother and wife. … Continue reading Guest Post: Harnessing My Courage

Manifesting Courage in Aries—Maya Angelou

We understand courage for what it is defined to be—strength in the face of pain, fear or grief. It's supposed to be that force (for lack of a better word) that often springs up when we need it, although there are those times when it does not. It's a rather fluid word, really, because what … Continue reading Manifesting Courage in Aries—Maya Angelou