3 Ways to Follow Your Curiosity

There’s something about the start of Gemini season. The energy stirs a sense of adventure and exploring for us, whether it's getting really into creating a summer reading list, going on exciting days trip or even starting a new hobby. It’s the season of ideas and curiosity; a time when thinking and the desire to … Continue reading 3 Ways to Follow Your Curiosity


Getting to the Top: The Capricorn Discipline

Saturn is going retrograde in Capricorn this week. It's been in the shadow already since earlier this year, so we've been feeling the rumblings of its strength and sense of structure, or the need to get things in order, at some point in our lives. When planets are in the pre-shadow phase of the retrograde, … Continue reading Getting to the Top: The Capricorn Discipline

Guest Post: Harnessing My Courage

By: Janelle Joa, founder of Between Moments I’ve dealt with anxiety on some level, daily—as a wife to a strong, ambitious, successful husband and as a mother of 4 enthusiastic, persistent children. Not a day passes where my insecurities haven’t tried to overcome me.   For years, I felt inadequate as a mother and wife. … Continue reading Guest Post: Harnessing My Courage

Self-Learning Path: Manifesting Courage

Join us as we explore new themes and topics thoroughly each month, with a syllabus, interviews and everything that makes the traditional way of learning – but with a fun twist (we promise). Social discussions will be under the #woselflearner, with the goal of getting everyone to read, participate and learn from each other, too. … Continue reading Self-Learning Path: Manifesting Courage