Rainy Days in New York City

Rainy days are rainy days for the most part: wet, with the weather balancing between cold or humid or dry, depending on where you're located. But rainy days in New York City are far more than just a cloudy thing. The trains and buses are a little slower, often smellier and damper. The air is … Continue reading Rainy Days in New York City


The Humanity In Our Writing

There's this one character, a woman, who has been tainting my stories with her presence for years now. And I say presence, because although I prematurely named her 'Lucy,' there's been little more I can sense from her. She's often standing near in front of a blue, wooden, one-room house. I know she's in the … Continue reading The Humanity In Our Writing

Dark Phase of the Moon: New Moon Writing Plan Wrap-Up

For many, what started as a writing of the heart, because the new moon was in Leo, led me to co-found something from my heart: a Caribbean writer's group.

Sharing Our Stories

Our lives are weaved through stories—our parents' stories, siblings, children, lovers, and neighbors. Yes, even our significant other's grandmother (like this one). Grab those narratives, feel them, make them your own and then pass them along. "No!" she yelled, reaching out for the small cup of water I brought up to my mouth. "You can't … Continue reading Sharing Our Stories