How Astrology Can Help Your Career

Astrology is best learned in practice. Learning from charts and simply experimenting and connecting what you see and feel. When I first started doing astrology, I often used it for the most strangest things – what's a good day I could take off, what's the best day to redesign my living room and what are … Continue reading How Astrology Can Help Your Career

A Simple Writing Guide to Your Ruling Planet

The ruling planets for each sign often provide so much insight into how these signs could best behave to bring out the best of themselves. After all, there's a reason why they're the ruling planet, or the big rock in the skies that best describes and supports these signs. With astrology, the goal is to … Continue reading A Simple Writing Guide to Your Ruling Planet

The 2-Day No Spending Challenge

If you're anything like me, splurging on Starbucks, a huge breakfast and terrific lunch are the ultimate treats—and of course, deserve them everyday. That means everyday you're spending over $20 on food alone. Add in the cab ride, plus whatever you order online during your lunch break, and we're talking approximately $100. In less than … Continue reading The 2-Day No Spending Challenge