3 Tips to Sharpen Your Instincts

Do you ever find yourself doing something related to work or for others and realize, "Man, I'm pretty good at this..." or "Wow, I know a lot about this." Or do you feel the opposite often, such as – "What the hell was I thinking doing this?" Often times, whether we feel the former or … Continue reading 3 Tips to Sharpen Your Instincts

How Astrology Can Help Your Career

Astrology is best learned in practice. Learning from charts and simply experimenting and connecting what you see and feel. When I first started doing astrology, I often used it for the most strangest things – what's a good day I could take off, what's the best day to redesign my living room and what are … Continue reading How Astrology Can Help Your Career

Meditation Wednesday: Writing Deeply

Meditation Wednesday is a new, monthly series, where we'll write a meditation piece for you to practice on your own. It will focus on writing, creating and imagining whatever theme we're tackling for the month using astrology, of course. We all know things get darker around this time of the year. It's when we feel, … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Writing Deeply

Easier Said Than Done #Quotes

There are quotes and sayings that make you want to throw a book at someone. Just make sure it isn't your own, or another good/favorite title. Like the "stop thinking already" quotes, as if you could just press a button to stop the random thoughts that, that— "Stop thinking, and end your problems."  Lao-Tzu "If … Continue reading Easier Said Than Done #Quotes

My Ultimate List of Things I’ve Lost

I've lost a lot of things—jobs, friends, first love, money, jewelry. Objects and routines deemed so necessary and essential; the brief thought of not having it could break others. Growing apart from a best friend in high school. The one who first took my breath away. My best friend to cancer. The brass ring my … Continue reading My Ultimate List of Things I’ve Lost

President Hoover on Solitude

President Herbert Hoover, our 31st President, known to many for his laissez-faire approach to business during the Great Depression (other historians, however, disagree with this), was also—apparently—known to seek quietness.