Why Now Is a Good Time to Begin

It's February. January is done, out and over, and chances are so have been your New Year's resolutions. And if you started the new year full of hope and expectation, only to fall short, we don't blame you. We blame the back-to-back holidays. Plus, the expectations are way too high and there's really no logic … Continue reading Why Now Is a Good Time to Begin

Meditation Wednesday: Writing Deeply

Meditation Wednesday is a new, monthly series, where we'll write a meditation piece for you to practice on your own. It will focus on writing, creating and imagining whatever theme we're tackling for the month using astrology, of course. We all know things get darker around this time of the year. It's when we feel, … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Writing Deeply

3 Ways to Flip the Script on Your Negative Thinking

We all have those periods – whether a day, months or years – where it seems like we're in a very bad writing rut. I'm just now easing out of one. After over two years of writing two to three stories daily, as a reporter for a digital newsroom, I couldn't string together two sentences. … Continue reading 3 Ways to Flip the Script on Your Negative Thinking

Rainy Days in New York City

Rainy days are rainy days for the most part: wet, with the weather balancing between cold or humid or dry, depending on where you're located. But rainy days in New York City are far more than just a cloudy thing. The trains and buses are a little slower, often smellier and damper. The air is … Continue reading Rainy Days in New York City

The Jerry Seinfeld Calendar Method for Creatives

I remember reading many years ago about the Jerry Seinfeld calendar approach. He would write everyday and then mark it on a calendar. The way he would do this, however, was a bit more unique... and it was also a way to make sure you built consistency. "He told me to get a big wall … Continue reading The Jerry Seinfeld Calendar Method for Creatives

3 Writerly Things To Do This Week: Prepping for the New Year

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. They're happening all around us – especially with nature. And as writers, it's always important to take a cue from what's happening around us to include in our writing. Or at least to include in our rituals and our day-to-day to help with our writing. 

#WritingPrompt: If Elevators Could Talk

Our apartment building has a extremely, painfully slow elevator. So slow, in fact, that people often walk down the stairs versus waiting for it to come up. You'll do several round trips to the seventh-floor before it makes it's way up. So, so slow that almost everyone rushes to close the doors (once inside) to … Continue reading #WritingPrompt: If Elevators Could Talk