5 Writing Activities to Help Ease Your Writer’s Anxiety

It's probably a little tougher these days to get some writing done; but difficult doesn't necessary mean impossible. Stay the course to your mission and passion—plus do these fun writing activities—and you'll be writing beautiful prose in no time. Rewrite a favorite piece of writing. This is a go-to for me as a writer, because it … Continue reading 5 Writing Activities to Help Ease Your Writer’s Anxiety

Meditation Wednesday: Building Our Fire

Although Scorpio is still underway, the deep currents of its waters just making headway, I can't help but anticipate the fire that's to come: Sagittarius. Fire rages, fire destroys, fire threatens. The menacing description of this element is often so deceiving, especially since for everything it destroys on its path, it gives life to a … Continue reading Meditation Wednesday: Building Our Fire

Power Writing Prompts with Pluto

You haven’t written in several days, maybe weeks, or you’re stuck writing a scene that isn’t quite coming out how you’d like. We’ve all had those blocked moments, so we try everything other well-established and published authors suggest we do, whether it’s taking break from a project and trying some self-care or reading for inspiration, … Continue reading Power Writing Prompts with Pluto

3 Ways to Build Momentum and Luck

We're inundated with bad events, bad news and just the worst of what we're capable to do as humans. As writers, we often tend to take these moments, to write more to create new universes and existences, to soothe the pain often left along the bridle paths. So this week, with Jupiter— the abundant planet— … Continue reading 3 Ways to Build Momentum and Luck

3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Free Your Writing

The fireworks, backyard grilling, parades and often poolside fun with family and friends—the blissful freedoms we get to enjoy this weekend. Can you think of some others? But if you don't have these to enjoy, it doesn't mean you can't celebrate your freedom to (at the very least) one of the most important activities to … Continue reading 3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Free Your Writing