Astrology + Writing Worksheets

Join us as we explore new astrology themes and topics each month, with guest blog posts, writing worksheets and everything that makes the traditional way of learning… fun (we promise).

The worksheets—based on a current transit, news event, holiday and so on—will be created and loaded weekly. If you’re interested in joining us – bookmark this page!


1. Courage with Aries, March 2019.

2. Taurus Season Kick-Off, April/May 2019.

3. Communicate a Little Better, May/June 2019.

4. 50 Astrology-Based Things To Do with Your Kid This Summer, June/July 2019.

5. Your Cancer New Moon Writing Prompts, July 2019

6. 3 Ways to Build Momentum, August 2019

7. 4 Ways to Use the Creative Energy of Neptune, September 2019

8. Meditation Wednesday: Embrace the Air, October 2019

9. How to Create a Thanksgiving Ritual, November 2019

10. Preparing for the New Year, December 2019