Check It: Using Astrology to Parent Better, Air Signs (The Lavender Stand)

This post first appeared on The Lavender Stand, as part of a series, for their launch and “astrology to parent” column. Check them out for more on stories that “shifts culture, practices, and out dated rules around expectations, funding, and field norms.”

The air sign of the moon brings us to a more mental aspect to our feelings, and being able to verbalize and communicate whatever it is we’re feeling. And each sign does this when it comes to relating to their kids in distinct and wonderful way.

Before we continue, however, it’s important to highlight at this point the female and male language applied to the lunar aspects of our charts. The moon has traditionally been described as belonging to the mother. It’s where we’re supposed to meet that nurturing aspects of our energy patterns. And since our society has assigned this role to women of “mothering” and being the emotional units, men were more than encouraged to suppress that part of themselves. But despite this squashing down of that energy, that energy still exists and people everywhere still have a moon and that emotional element that needs to be used and explored and (most importantly) felt.

With Air, especially, there needs to be that sense of freedom to how these signs parent their children. There’s also this dis-attachment idea, where communicating and explaining how they feel is preferred over the showing. They’re able to parent best when they’re talking their way through their emotions…and it’s important they embrace this. Not everyone is made for the pie-making, forever warm and cuddling type of caring. And that’s ok, air sign. Take a deep breathe and know it’s fine.

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