Check It: Using Astrology to Parent Better, Earth Sign (The Lavender Stand)

This post first appeared on The Lavender Stand, as part of a series, for their launch and “astrology to parent” column. Check them out for more on stories that “shifts culture, practices, and out dated rules around expectations, funding, and field norms.”

Oh, the element of earth. The durability of a rock, or the stability of the ground… that is the power behind it. You can pound or grip it, firmly stand on it. And when it comes to parenting, it’s this reliability that makes this element one of the most practical.

Each sign brings its own earth quality to the forefront when it comes to their family. Taurus seems to make home comfortable and stable, while Virgo’s emphasis is on ensuring everyone’s well-being and safety. Capricorn is about the structure and foundation, so ensuring your child has a savings account or bonds at birth – or better yet, both!

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