Getting to the Top: The Capricorn Discipline

Saturn is going retrograde in Capricorn this week. It’s been in the shadow already since earlier this year, so we’ve been feeling the rumblings of its strength and sense of structure, or the need to get things in order, at some point in our lives.

When planets are in the pre-shadow phase of the retrograde, like Saturn has been, they’re going over the territory they’ll soon be retrograding through, so themes or issues (specifically anything that prompts fear, requires hard work, sense of direction in life) popping up are things to keep an eye on in the coming months. Also, because it’s going retrograde in its ruling sign of Capricorn, these natives will feel it a bit differently and more direct.

This Saturn Retrograde worksheet will help you get an idea of what that Saturn energy means. What does getting to the top really signify for you? Capricorn and Saturn are two sides of the same hardworking, discipline and career-oriented coin (the former is ruled by the latter). And with the planet retrograde, there might be some struggles happening with those themes in your life within the next few months (until September).

Use the worksheet to get a better idea of what you want to reach the top for, what would you like to see and how to create a plan around that mountaintop. That means creating a step-by-step plan for a month, what you’ll continue to do from that month forward until Sept. 18, when Saturn goes direct and then tweaking or reviewing your work until Saturn goes beyond the post-shadow around Dec. 24. Post shadow work is when Saturn is again going through several of the degrees it ran through while retrograde, returning to the exact point and degree it was when it went retrograde.

If you want to share your worksheet with others or want to let us know how your Saturn retrograde plotting is coming along, feel free to email us or tag us on social!

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