Decluttering with the Full Moon—Plus a New Checklist

If you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, then you’re still in luck because—it’s still spring. Also, chances are… your clutter hasn’t gone anywhere. If anything, maybe it’s safe to say your clutter has grown since spring cleaning became a thing this year.

The full moon decluttering plan is great to help clear out not just physical things, but the things with deeper emotional ties and connectionsthat aren’t fitting the longer scheme of things in your life. The full moon is in Scorpio (and sun in Taurus) is asking that we look at your real world—the people and things that make it and how we relate to it. It’s that out-of-body full moon that helps us “see” how we function in our world.

Please Note: We’ve left out exact dates. These approximate dates should help you with any future Scorpio full moon decluttering projects.

Use THIS WORKSHEET for the full moon work ahead.

1. The pre-full moon work is in Libra and requires that we think of our balance. Get rid of three things that aren’t providing you with that balance. The Scorpio energy tends to tip things to an extreme and to not allow that to swallow you up, it’s good to know what’s that middle ground for you. That means relationships, too.

2. The full moon work means for the next 2-3 days you’re going to be clearing out. Take a day off if you have to, turn off your phone and do the work—your closets and bathroom and dresser and walls (probably especially the walls and corners). We suggest you put on your favorites songs that make you move and vibe and go deep into your emotions. That’s where the real work needs to happen. And don’t freak out about not doing much or not quite feeling like you’re getting somewhere emotionally, because this is a life-long journey and a 2-3 day cleaning fest can only do but so much.

3. The post-full moon work is happening around the Capricorn moon… and having an earth sign’s grounded sense after clearing out our spaces and mind is just what we need to seal the deal. Capricorn is about discipline and laying the groundwork, and when it comes to how we function, being rational about why you’re doing the work you’re doing. Put into place at least three things—organize those spaces that you’ve cleared out.

4. Preparing for the final quarter means going deeper into the dark phase of the moon. Give away three things. Take the next 2-3 days in Aquarius to give away what you’ve decluttered, the objects that don’t quite fit your space but might do good for someone else. As for those people or relationships you’ve distanced yourself from, take this time to give to yourself and feel the void of those people. It’s ok to feel through what they’ve left behind. The Aquarius moon tends to be more rational, but still asks that we think of our larger network.


5. The final quarter moon prompts that you let go completely of what remains. You’ve done the work. Get rid of the remaining ideas or thinking or maybe even objects that are still triggering something. You should feel a bit clearer at this point, preparing for the dark moon and finally the new moon… where the moon begins it’s route again.


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