3 Writerly Things to Do This Weekend: Make It a Good One

Although the news and local politics might be on the negative side, highlighting what often feels like the demise of many cultural norms and traditions, it’s refreshing to celebrate the opposite of that… a day that shows (albeit a bit sad) the best parts of us—as a country, people and land.

Officially made a legal holiday in 1968, Memorial Day allows us to think about those who believed in something greater for the country. Think about having that level of knowing and belief as you read, write and celebrate with your loved ones this weekend.

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1. Prepare Your Summer Reading List. If you haven’t done so already, start piling and organizing the books you’re looking forward to reading this summer. Check out your local library for some ideas, what librarians are reading or simply go with any bestsellers list. There are several book influencers on social, too. Share what you find with us!

2. Memorial Day, Honoring. It goes without saying that although we only dedicate a day to those who have died as a result of war… many of us should be grateful daily to these brave souls. If you are or know a family honoring someone, write a “thank you” letter to them, honoring what they’ve sacrificed. Many cities and towns hold Memorial Day local events and activities. Don’t hesitate to join and learn from those in your community.

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3. Embrace the Gemini Air. Don’t forget to use our Gemini worksheet to help you sort out the often confusing, quick and refreshing thinking that comes with the sign. For more on how to use the worksheet, please check out the Walk the Talk post we did earlier accompanying it. But in the meantime, don’t fret—embrace the dreams and thinking and ideas that come fluttering like a butterfly—unique and probably fleeting.


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