6 Ways to Know If You’re On Track

The year is half-way done, Mercury is about to go direct, a new moon is on the horizon and two eclipses have wrapped up. Sounds about a good time to do a check-in, don’t you think?

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There are quick, still incredible ways to check whether your development process is strong… but before we go there, it’s important to also mention that, although something could feel strong now, it doesn’t mean it’ll have the same impact a year or two or even much less than that. Checking in will allow you to tweak and adjust and give yourself the resources to you yourself need to better continue on your journey.

  1. Your friends and network replenish you. We are the friends we keep. And often, the friends we keep make up a large part of our worlds. Conversations, thinking and even big decisions are influenced by our networks. Feeling comfortable, loved and in a good place with these people is essential for us leading solid, vibrant and fulfilling lives.
  2. You know your triggers. You know what your challenges are, what your weaknesses are and how to either avoid them or hit them head-on when necessary. We chip away at the things that challenge us, until they can challenge us no more. Not project is also key. You own your crap—mistakes, mishaps and shortcomings. These don’t define you. Repeat that last part again: these don’t define you. Check out the Saturn Mantra worksheet to create a little discipline.
  3. Relaxing is part of your game plan. Seems simple enough. Knowing when to back down, step away and just take a breather whenever necessary is key to the balance we keep while “on tract.” If your sleep routines are pretty stable and listening to our body’s rhythm is nothing but a thing for you, then you’re good.
  4. You have hobbies you tend to and love. You have a few hobbies that bring you extreme joy—riding your bike long distances, hiking, painting, journaling, reading comic books. You even like dabbling in other hobbie
  5. Goals, goals and more goals. You are goal-oriented and know when to readjust and adjust and when to create new goals. Right now, you dream of writing your book, and the way to keep yourself motivated, for example, is with a 300 words a night for 1 week straight challenge for yourself. You’ll then commit to reading a book a week for 1 month. And this are the steps you take, the goals you cross off, to achieve more.
  6. You’re enjoying your journey. And although these are all great markers for us to keep track. The best way to know if you’re on the right path, however, besides all these incredible characteristics, is asking yourself whether you’re enjoying your journey. Are you enjoying the path you’ve taken, regardless of the detours, and can honestly smile when you think of the universe you’ve build for yourself? If so, you’re good.

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