Meditation Wednesday: Building Our Fire

Although Scorpio is still underway, the deep currents of its waters just making headway, I can’t help but anticipate the fire that’s to come: Sagittarius.

Fire rages, fire destroys, fire threatens.

The menacing description of this element is often so deceiving, especially since for everything it destroys on its path, it gives life to a new direction.

Aries blazes the way towards new battles, while fixed Leo forms an orbit around its rays and Sagittarius explores new worlds, possibilities and journeys.

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Steven Forrest, in his latest The Book of Fire, considers this sign where “the quest begins.” It’s the third fire charm in the calendar year that asks, “You’re not ready to give up yet, are you?” …as the year winds down. And it torches what little energy remains for us.

This month’s meditation is brief, but invites you to ignite your own fire. Whether you have a lot of fire in your chart, or barely a spark, this meditation will help you tap that fuse.

I burn like a blaze
The path before me
Eyes closed, arms opened
Spreading the flames
Fire, burns

In the heat, of it all
The flames rise and fall.
The flames rise and fall
I rise and fall, rise and fall.
I rage through.

Also, remember Sagittarius season kicks-off Nov. 22.

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