3 Simple Ways to Welcome a Full Moon

The full moon is a pivotal point in the lunar cycle, mostly because of the power that comes from oppositions. Oppositions, when you think of how the energy is meant to function, is meant to dig out the worst and best forces of that sign and planet.

This Cancer and Capricorn full moon has a lot of power behind it because of how Cancer works with the moon and how the Sun functions with Capricorn, especially with so many planets currently in Capricorn. The moon feels comfortable, settled in Cancer. It’s its strongest in this sign. This transit usually happens around this time of the year, right on the heels of the go-go energy of the holidays and the new year.

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It’s easy to think of full moons as this energy of letting go, the pivotal point of the waning phase and when we begin to see the moon push outward in a way. We also begin to do the same with our energies, just dispersing it without much thought and consideration. It’s great to create boundaries and a set of things to keep ourselves contained, like these simple steps.

  1. Clean up the most important spaces. Your ritual and praying area, around and under your bed, your desk and bookcases, the bathroom and kitchen, dining area and even your main entrance and door⁠—the key areas where you’re mostly spending your energy. As you do sweep, dust and clear out, say a little prayer and thank the universe for granting this and allowing you to take up space in this world.
  2. Light a candle in meditation and prayer. The full moon can heightened your senses, so it’s important to take a moment to pause and get centered, reminding yourself of what you’re intending to do for the day. You can begin with, “With today’s full moon energy, I intend to pray for my family or pray for a better job or pray for [insert situation here] to smooth out.” Make this brief statement your affirmation for the day.
  3. Celebrate the small shifts. The smallest of things could make the biggest of a change. Did you start the new year wanting to exercising every morning, only to finally realize you’re just not a morning person (raises hand)? Even if you were a morning person earlier in your life or at some point before, simply accepting this new reality is a big shift and helps you organize your schedule and goals more efficiently. Now, you can write later at night vs. in the morning and change how you include the things you love into your life.

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Next full moon is on Friday, Jan. 10 @ 2:21 p.m. at 20° Cancer.


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