6 Ways to Find Magic and Miracles in the World

It’s currently 5:36 a.m. I’ve already been up—walking around, pacing and thinking—for a little over an hour.

I created this daily alarm to get up at 5:30 to think and “work on my dreams.” That’s how it’s described in my calendar. This is the time when it’s quiet, my family is still very much asleep for another few minutes and there’a s witching-hour factor to it as well.

It’s the magic hour I create, if nothing else magical should happen throughout the day.

But how can create instances throughout the day that find, seek and most importantly, include little miracles? Here are some of my fave ways.

  1. Define what is your magic and miracles. Imagine and dream up of what magic will feel like for you. Focus on that aspect, the feeling part. What emotions does it surface for you, when you find or hear or sense something that’s miraculous? See how you physically react when you think of this definition.
  2. Be intentional to find it. Being intentional means knowing you’re going to find something that’s miraculous to you. It’s putting that intent out into the world that it’s going to happen, because you want it to happen, and most importantly you need it to happen.
  3. Speak out for it. Prayer is often considered a way to call out for that connection with God, or a higher power, and it’s how we speak many of our miracles and power and magic into existence. Have that conversation with the divine. Don’t be afraid to be vocal and upfront and grateful to ask for magical moments.
  4. Share and ask others for their moments. Sharing in the moments with others, celebrating them and finding your tribe to acknowledge those experiences is essential to having that magic at the forefront of your life always. Building your spiritual connections with others is one of the great ingredients to a joyful life.
  5. Sing or draw about your magic. Part of the celebrating your miracles is also acknowledging them. Some of the songs ever written, were done out of this shared experience of celebrating magic. When was the last time you created a song or drew something about that funky, so surreal dream you keep on having. Or that one person you keep on bumping into and seeing in different places?
  6.  Share in the little bit of good. In the movie Yesterday the main actor finds himself being the only one who knows The Beatles, and being a musician, starts trying to remember the lyrics and recreating the songs. He goes on to amass lots of fame and money and the success he sought in the music industry; he was even dubbed the greatest songwriter of all time. In the end, two other characters who also know of the music and famous rock-band, end up finding him and thanking him for bringing back the music. A world without The Beatles, one of them says, is not its greatest. And that’s how celebrating and bringing forth our magic in these artful ways does. Thank you to The Beatles for sharing in their magic with songs and music that will forever bring us joy.

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