5 Astrology Worksheets to Help You Heal

We’ve created and dished out lots of worksheets and printables in the past year, mostly on astrology, writing and recovering using these activities as tools.

Without realizing it almost, we’ve posed the question: “What does it mean to embark on a healing journey?” We hope several of these worksheets, and the posts that accompany it, can get you started on that path.

Stop the Self-Sabotaging. It’s easy to blame others, without first noticing how you’re contributing to your own setbacks. Ask yourself, “How can I get out of my own way?” Face your excuses, justifications, obstacles and procrastinating ways with this worksheet. Notice and list the negative patterns you have, create a plan to alter and change them and then repeat this—failure isn’t an option.

Show Kindness to Yourself. It begins with us. Not just the negative, often depleting habits we have, to the compassion and love with show ourselves. Never forget to return to you. That means, taking the time to write yourself a letter, remind you of your divine parts and greatness.

Create + Harness Your Bucket List. We limit ourselves so much, forgetting we’re still expected to live and plan; doing these things are part of our essence and who we are as humans. This worksheet helps you go wild, creating what you want and adding pictures to help with the imagining.

Always Remain Grateful. We created this printable to honor the “Thanksgiving” season and create meaningful ways to celebrate what we have, honor our ancestors and connect with our mission here on this realm. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a holiday to do this ritual, just as long as you make it a memorable celebration with these quick, easy steps.

Connect with the Earth Element. There are very, very few things in this world as magical as soil and our earth. Our ancestors used this element to create bowls and cups to sustain themselves—and planted herbs, vegetables and fruits, whose seeds continue to feed us today. Use this ritual when you need to feel that grounded power, passed on from our ancestors and the universe itself.


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