April in Full Bloom: Things To-Do

The season is blooming, the world is opening up again, and although we still need to be safe and mindful of how we move around, there’s a sense that things are looking up.

People are hopeful and excited about the future; learning new ways to engage and live in the world after a year full of fear and grief. Check out the lists below for more ways to enjoy the transits and energy, making the best of what the world has to offer us.

Mercury in Aries (April 3) Learn to communicate with fire. Work on that book proposal, write a cover letter for your dream job; use your gift of communication to blaze a way for your dreams. Mercury has a zest now, but it’ll zoom through the sign and enter Taurus on April 19 and then wrap up that sign early May, as it enters it’s home sign of Gemini.

New Moon in Aries (April 11) Look back on your lunar and emotional journey since the last full moon on Sunday, March 28. What have you let go—or lost—since then? What people have entered or left your life since then, or what faces come to mind as you think about who’s impacted the way you felt recently? Write about that relationship and how it’s shaped you.

Venus in Taurus (April 14) Venus enters its sensual, ruling sign. Spoil yourself a little in the next couple of days. What does it mean for you to feel satisfied, to be fulfilled and gratified—and when was the last time you experienced life in that way? Try to give yourself that sense; we’re talking feet up, wine poured and chocolate-covered whatever on deck to enjoy.

Sun Sextile Jupiter (April 15) Sun in Aries and Jupiter in Aquarius are forming a quick, easy connection today. We created a heart-led wishing ritual to help you create wishes. The heart, strongly linked to Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, is the often forgotten organ when it comes to how we guide ourselves in the world. When was the last time you really listened to your heart beating, and asked questions to monitor what it has to say? This printable will help you do just that.

Sun Conjunct Mercury (April 18) The energy is pretty strong for these two planets, as they not only dance together, but also both brace themselves to enter the sign of Taurus the following day. The last few degrees of a sign for a planet are pretty potent, and when it comes to the natal chart, it traditionally signified the ending of a mission for that planet in that particular sign. The planets are settling into their routines after being away in a battle of sorts. Create a comfortable, cozy spot somewhere in your home—decorate, clean and arrange the area to be your Zen spot.

Sun in Taurus (April 19) The Sun is in getting into a groove with spring. The days are getting warmer and the season is starting to bloom. We created a checklist a few years ago for Taurus season that’ll help you make the best of the next few weeks.

Mars in Cancer (April 23) Home and family have been themes for most of us this past year, and with Mars entering Cancer, we’re being asked to revisit that experience again. How did you work to make your home feel like a haven this past year? Think of the ways you interacted and protected your space last year vs. this year. What are the ways you’re being proactive and engaged in your day-to-day life? The next few days, schedule your doctor’s appointments, create a will and take the step necessary to review what you’re leaving behind for loved one to handle in the future.

Full Moon in Scorpio (April 26) How are you moving away from the need to fight your way into existing, in making your presence felt? Because you are already here, important and crucial to this universe and space… but do you believe that? Think of your needs, how you express them and why they’re important. List and write down the ways you don’t want to settle, and how you accepting that will free you, will satisfy and nurture you in ways you never knew possible.

Pluto Retrogrades in Capricorn (April 27) The heart-carved planet of Pluto will be retrograde in Capricorn until Oct. 6, although the shadow phase began in mid-January, around the time the U.S. welcomed a new presidency. This energy is felt mostly on a communal level (unless it’s triggering a personal planet in your chart) and what we’ll see in the coming months will be changes on a global scale. The shadow phase kicked off around the time the Capitol was invaded in the U.S., the retrograde begins just as a pivotal trial takes place in the country; it’ll be interesting to see where the country is later in the year, just as the planet goes direct again.

Bonus Printable: We’re trying to work a little more with squares as transits and how they impact our charts. What does it mean to have planets in squares in our birth charts? Square transits challenge us to better understand different energies and elements, so that we’re able to face those events and people that seem to come from out of nowhere. Find them in your chart, fill out the printable and share with us the ways these placements have shaped you.


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